Are you taking too many supplements? If you are like me, you may have a supplement kicking around your house for just about every ailment that can possibly come up.

My husband says he can’t complain about anything because I will have a cream or a herbal remedy in the cupboard for it. 🤣

P.S. He now takes them willingly as most have been effective. He still rolls his eyes when I jump up from the couch and go to the cupboard in search of my “magic potion” however. But he can’t deny most have worked.

How to Test If Your Body Needs a Supplement

Before taking any supplement, I preform a little needs analysis using a method introduced to me by both my Chiropractor and Naturopathic Doctor. This method, called muscle testing has really helped me gauge my dosage. 

Did you know you can also do muscle testing to see if you have an allergy or intolerance to food?

Might look a bit awkward to do while grocery shopping, or when having supper with friends, but it will be a great conversation starter. Ususally met with a lot of scepticism, it’s probably best to just do at home!


Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology –

Muscle testing is an alternative medicine practice that can be used to effectively diagnose structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments. For this application we are testing our chemical reaction to supplements and food.

How to do a Muscle Test:

Start by lining your supplements and any questionable foods you are concerned about on the counter in front of you.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder distance not touching anything. Relax and breathe calmly.
  • Take one item in your hand and hold your hand to your chest.
  • Close your eyes, and feel your bodies response to the item. IF:
    • Your body pulls forward – it means your should take the supplement.
    • Your body pulls away – it means you shouldn’t (that day).

Muscle Test with a Partner

  • Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart
  • Put both arms straight out in front of you and have your partner push down (Not super hard) & offer resistance, so you know what your normal strength is.
  • Use your strongest arm for the resistance and have your partner put the supplement in your other hand.
  • Press down again on the strongest arm. If your arm is weak and will not stay up, then the substance is not good for you but if the arm stays strong then the substance is good for you. This also works for testing food allergies.

Try it out! And tell me what you think! Am I crazy? or Did it work?

Want more information? Check out this book

The Art of Self Muscle Testing – The more people that can successfully self muscle test, the better it is for all beings because muscle testing has the potential to rapidly enhance ones ability to “know thy self.” In this book you will learn about: – The pre-requisites for self muscle testing – How to “Switch on” for accurate testing – How to test without bias – How to test health products, supplements and foods. Buy here on Amazon