CBD for Chronic Pain – This CBD Review is from my personal story, including my doses for maximum effectiveness.

CBD My Story

There are a lot of websites promoting CBD Hemp oils for a multitude of ailments. But is it all hype or is there any truth to the advertising? Well I can only go by personal experience. As someone living with Fibromyalgia and on the down slope to Menopause I can’t say enough about how CBD has helped me in my health journey.

CBD My Truth

I learned the hard way. Which is why this website came to be in the first place. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in my 20’s I battled long and hard, did a ton of research and visited doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, fascia release therapists, went for acupuncture… you name it I tried it!

In the beginning of my journey I became addicted to pain killers and was put on antidepressants to help manage the stress factor and to calm my nerves. This helped, but made me numb to the world around me. Yes it helped with the negatives but it also numbed me to the positives. I want to live life to the fullest. I wanted my happy back. So I nixed all the pills and medications and started my journey in a more holistic manner. After altering my diet, and finding the supplements that supported my nervous system and getting my hormones under control, by feeding my thyroid and adrenals, I have brought down my pain levels by at least 60%. But as anyone with a chronic autoimmune disease will tell you… there are still bad days… but there used to be bad months.

I personally use CBD Hemp Oils in the following ways. When my erratic menstrual cycle (I’m in Perimenopause with a partial hysterectomy so no periods) triggers my nervous system with pain, I reach for the CBD oil instead of pain medications:

  1. It is much easier on my body,
  2. It is natural, and
  3. It doesn’t give me a doped up feeling like pain killers. It has been a life saver. Finally, something that works naturally and helps my other protocols be more effective instead of counteracting them (which narcotic level pain killers do).

When I can feel that it is an all over pain session trying to resurface (called a relapse) usually triggered by my phantom period, or eating something I’m allergic to, or a stressful situation. I take CBD oil as a tincture under my tongue. One dropper full in the morning and one at night to ensure a good sleep. Or I’ll put it in my morning breakfast shake if I’m on the run. If I’m feeling good but a migraine due to weather changes or a really late night triggers a headache then I use the CBD oil on my pressure points – temples, forehead, bottoms of my feet, and behind my ears. I have eliminated needing aspirin or Tylenol with this protocol.

CBD and Travel

I like to travel and am hesitant to put any products in my luggage in case it causes problems so I always check with my destination that it is legal to carry these products. They are clearly labeled so far no issues.

The products I am never without when I’m traveling are:

Mellow cbd oil


Is the product I use as a tincture or put into my morning shake. No more pain killers just a natural product that goes to work in about 20 minutes and lasts all day.

Mellow cbd oil with melatonin


These easy-to-carry and easy-to-take CBN + melatonin softgels offer a convenient 10mg of pure CBN mixed with and melatonin, and organic MCT oil. (So grandma can be fun the next day)

Mellow oil with arnica and cbd

Mellow Oil Arnica & CBD 1:1 Topical Relief Gel is a pure cannabinoid hemp extract & arnica infused cream that delivers fast relief for pain and inflammation. Our unique formulation offers instant intense heat on the applied area, and then natural relief around the applied area. I am in love with this CDB and Arnica Combination. It’s always so different from taking a pain killer as you don’t feel the product “kicking in” you just notice you have no pain, and no migraine. Perfect for taking all the aches and pain associated with long hours of travel. (I rub it on my lower back and knees after being on an airplane all day.)

mellow cbd oil advertisement
Click here to order the products listed above!

Although I haven’t personally tried all the products that Mellow has to offer. I am extremely happy with these products. Easy to use, legible packaging and effective. Cant get any better than that!

If you are looking for a CBD Source that has quality ingredients and works as advertised I highly recommend you try this brand. Just for the good nights sleep alone it is a lifesaver.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this product. Feel free to leave comments and check out the other articles on Living With Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia or Perimenopause

E Unruh