Lubes for Sensitive Women

Lubricants for sensitive women

Finding lubes for sensitive women can take a bit of trial and error especially when you are super sensitive. An allergic reaction to lube can result in a swollen labia, intense itching, and even an unpleasant discharge. Yuck! We asked a large group of women, from across a number of different platforms, to recommend their favourite lubes with the following criteria:

  1. Must be non-irritating and good for sensitive women.
  2. Have a light consistency that stays moist.
  3. Does not leave a sticky residue
  4. Compatible with condoms – important because we wanted to source lubes that were compatible for those suffering from a dry vagina, menopause, perimenopause or those with a partial hysterectomy or who have dryness due to an autoimmune issue like lupus or fibromyalgia and had sensitivities to product. The ladies answered and were happy to share. Here is the list they provided.

Association of lubricant use with women’s sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction, and genital symptoms: a prospective daily diary study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21143591/

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TOP 10 Lubes for Sensitive Women

  1. Fuck Water – Fuck Water available in Canada ships to USA
  2. SPUNK – Spunk Hybrid lube
  3. Sliquid – Sliquid Organic Water and Aloe based lubricant
  4. Shibari –Shibari Water Based Personal Lubricant
  5. SKYN –SKYN Silicone based lubricant great for latex free condoms
  6. Lark Love – Organic Personal Lubricant w/Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid
  7. PINK – PINK hypoallergenic Silicone or water based lubricant
  8. Lubelife – Lubelife silicone hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  9. Good Clean Love –Good Clean Love Water based with Aloe
  10. KY – KY Hyaluronic water based natural feeling lubricant

Personal Lubricant for Great Sex Explained

Personal lubricant use is consistently present when giving higher ratings for sexual pleasure and satisfaction in all sexual activities, solo and partnered. Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 women agreed or strongly agreed that lube made sex more comfortable, pleasurable and that it simply just made for better sex.

Lubricants that come in a variety of formulas including water or silicone which can be used with latex condoms and diaphragms. Other lubrications such as natural oils should be considered only if using non latex condoms or no condoms at all.

Natural Lubricants

If you prefer to use something natural, avoid using food products like olive oil. Coconut oil can be okay, if it is organic and free of additives, but it is not compatible with most condoms as it breaks down latex. Some women say it works well with non-latex condoms but for others Coconut oil increases the likelihood of a BV infection mostly because of allergies to the product or because the residue tends to linger and isn’t easy to flush out naturally. You may be better off using an organic lubricant or a water-based lube without additives.

Lubes Not Recommended for Sex

DO NOT USE petroleum jelly as lube, or hand and body lotions… they are not meant for internal use and can make you twice as likely to get a BV infection. In fact avoid anything scented. If you are sensitive anything flavoured will probably be a ”big no-no” as well.

Vaginal Dryness

Top things to know about vaginal dryness:

  • Can be caused by physical or psychological reasons
  • Can be caused by low estrogen including:
    • perimenopause / menopause
  • After the removal of the cervix
  • From Chemotherapy and other Cancer treatments
  • Timing in your cycle (wetter before ovulation & dryer after)
  • After having a baby, particularly when breastfeeding
  • From some medications (including hormonal birth control pills, IUD’s and injections)
  • Allergy to chemicals in soap, detergent, lubricant or hygiene products
  • Lack of foreplay, some women simply need more time getting warmed up
  • Low libido (Read here for more information) it may be your thyroid.

This is no way means you can’t have a fantastic sex life, it just means you may need to employ a few little tricks to get the juices flowing. For those with a dry vagina due to any reason, here is a list of helpful ways to keep your vagina healthy.

  • Balance or increase your estrogen levels.
  • Use a vaginal moisturizer.
  • Use a lube that is light and non-irritating.
  • Increase time spent on foreplay, should be a minimum of 15-20 minutes.
  • Take supplements or use stimulant products that increase blood flow to the area
  • Take supplements or use a relaxing product like CBD or THC to relax and be in the moment free of pain.
  • Take Kava to stimulate connection and feelings of well-being.

Vaginal Dryness and Estrogen Levels

Vaginal dryness is relatively common and most women have this issue at some point in their lives. The good news is it is treatable. Common Symptoms include a burning sensation, vaginal discomfort, itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain or discomfort during sex. Since a dry vaginal can lead to vaginal atrophy, an increased risk of infections and uncomfortable sex, let’s dive straight into the solutions.

The hormone estrogen helps to keep the vagina moist and insures that the vaginal lining retains its thickness. It also helps void vaginal atrophy (Atrophic vaginitis)  a common condition when the ovaries produce less estrogen, causing vaginal dryness. If ovary estrogen is on the decline it can be stimulated through your thyroid and adrenal glands which also produce hormones, or you can speak to your docotor about inserting estrogen creeam or tablets into the vagina, where they disolve and keep the tissues healthy.

Hormone Therapy for Declining Estrogen

Vaginal Moisturizers

If you don’t want to fiddle with estrogen or hormone therapies, a vaginal moisturizer can be a good option. Vaginal moisturizers keep your vaginal tissues moist and help prevent the lining from thinning. Moisturizers can be used as a stand alone product, used daily for the first week and weekly afterward. Or used when estrogen is at a lower point in your cycle. For moisturizers that are also lubes see the comments in the list of lubes.

Study Results: There was a significant improvement in the vaginal moisture, fluid volume, elasticity and epithelial integrity. Sexual function improved in the total score and in all six domains. More than 50% of all patients reported being very satisfied with the treatment and product application. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30677618/

Vulva Creams and External Moisturizers – on Amazon

  • VMagic Vulvar Balm
  • NuLife naturals
  • Hello Rose
  • RejuCream

Internal Vaginal Moisturizers -on Amazon

  • Replens Vaginal Moisturizer
  • Gynatrof with hyaluronic acid
  • Good Clean Love Restore Vaginal Moisturizer
  • KY Liquid beads
  • Mothers Dose Hydrating Suppository with DHEA

Vaginal Moisturizers & Vulva Creams – at Intimate Wellness

  • Carioca Feminine Moisturizer
  • Aloe Cadabra Personal Lubricant
  • Lark Love Personal Lubricant w/Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Revival Personal Moisturizer
  • Rejucream- Firming & Rejuvenating Cream

Vaginal Lubrication and Foreplay

If you’re noticing dryness during vaginal sex, are you spending enough time on foreplay? If you feel turned on but are still dry, your body might simply need time warm up. Foreplay can consist of cuddling, slowing things down, kissing, touching and petting of erogenous zones, clit stimulation including oral sex and feeling sexy.

Some women prefer a slow build up. Talk to your partner if things are just going straight to intercourse without much mental and physical stimulation. Our bodies change, and what may have been the go-to routine may not be as effective at times when hormones are at a decline.

Best Foreplay Practices (share these tips with your partner)

  • Simply being told that sex is on the agenda for the evening. Mental stimulation and knowing ahead of time can help many women. Just hopping in bed at the end of the day and then having a partner go for it, may not give adequate mental time to relax your mind or to get in the mood.
  • Put down the electronics (phone or tablet) and cuddle together before heading to bed. You may even still be watching TV, but just taking that step to connect and cuddle, touch and snuggle can be great for initiating a relaxing and sexual connection.
  • Tell your partner what you want to do in the bedroom. Let them know you are wanting some ”play time”. This may be all the encouragement they need to be thinking foreplay and to set the mood for a longer play session.
  • Take turns… If you take longer, initiate the kissing and cuddling but have them relax you with a body rub or your favourite foreplay, then swap and return the favour before having intercourse. This gives you more time to adjust and even the act of giving can be a great stimulant for both.
  • If orgasm is hard to reach during initial foreplay, ease into intercourse, then take a break and revert back to foreplay and repeat. Many women say they have an easier time achieving orgasm when the focus is more on them, especially after a good warm up;)
  • Tell your partner your erogenous zones, its not always the obvious ones like nipples and clit, it may be your neck, massaging or petting the lower back, you may like verbal encouragement and words of affirmation.
  • Some women are also highly aroused by scent, candles, a favourite cologne or perfume, or no perfumes and just their partners natural body chemistry.
  • Some women are best stimulated by a man taking control and expressing desire for her.
  • Toys! Playing together with toys can take the pressure off everyone. Toys are not competition to sex with your partner, they are enhancers of extending play time and can add incredible stimulation and a sexy visual. Partners who are comfortable using toys, are often more fun in bed and secure with what they have to offer.
  • Sensory depravation. Lights off, dim lighting, a blind fold, or no touching back, can all heighten the experience by allowing you to relax and concentrate on specific stimulation, thus heightening and speeding up your response.
  • Last but not least… enthusiasm… yes just knowing your partner is into you and finds you sexy can be the greatest stimulant of all. This means clearly expressing to your partner the things that make her attractive and why you love her! Most women melt and feel loving, when feelings of being special, wanted and loved are expressed to them.

Douching After Sex

Although controversial in the medical community, douching is a critical practice for those that are allergic to sperm, easily get infections like Yeast or BV, or find that they simply do not produce enough natural lubrication, to flush lubes or semen naturally, in a timely manner. (Common for those who have had a hysterectomy, are in menopause, slightly dehydrated, or mid month with a thicker discharge). Nothing is worse than the “gush” from last night happening mid-day when you’re all cleaned up. Even worse if it comes with any type of obvious odor.

When Not to Douche

Your vagina is usually self-cleaning, so under normal circumstances just going pee after sex will do the trick. However, this is not always the case. Many doctors will advise not to use any internal douches stating they can be harmful. But research is clearly divided on this. Some claim douching will increase risk of bacterial and yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, increased transmission of STIs, upper genital tract infections, endometriosis, inflammation of the lining of the uterus, and other adverse health outcomes. However this is all prevalent in women who never douche and can also be linked to those with more active sex lives, unprotected sex with new partners, are allergic to semen, and many other reasons where douching is never done. For some women NOT douching afterwards can almost insure they get an infection. So we leave this decision between you and your doctor.

Study on douching. Shows mixed results if you read the whole article:


Study on douching with water:


Douching Guidelines

99% of the time a simple douche with pure water will do the trick. It flushes out any semen or lube residue, and lets your body chemistry balance out naturally. However there are very effective and natural solutions if any of the following are prevalent:

If you easily get BV after sex – Please read this article on curing and preventing BV

Bladder infections after sex- Please read this article on curing and preventing Bladder Infections

If you get Yeast Infections easily – Please read this article on preventing and curing Yeast Infections

I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to comment, share or tell your experience. We can all learn together! Also see list of favourite condoms.

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