Condom Size Does Matter, Find Your Fit

Does Size Matter? Well Condom Size Matters. The best condoms are the ones that fit properly and allow the most sensation. Find Your Fit Using the Condom Size Chart Below.

If you’re in a monogamous relationship with another source of birth control this may or not apply. However, let’s be real… this is not always the case. Whether you are using condoms as your form of birth control, are non-monogamous (multiple partners) or to just help prevent STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Besides Condom Size, here are some tips & tricks to make their usage much more pleasurable.

  • Make sure you’re wearing the proper sized condom. If it looks like you’re squeezing into a balloon and its tight & restricting even when semi hard, it’s too small. Besides limiting sensation, sex will be a lot more fun if it feels good.
  • Condoms desensitize things for you?Put a drop of lube into the tip or rub a little arousal gel on before you slide into the condom. If you’re extra sensitive and need to calm things down, but don’t want to desensitize your partner, this is also a good way to use a product like KY®️Duration Gel.
  • Try different types of condoms. Different brands offer a variety of options: super thin, lubricated & non lubricated, non-latex, ribbed or textured to name a few. Have fun with this, variety is the spice of life.
  • Masturbate with a condom. And hey controversial or not – tell your teenage boys this too… less mess, and gets them used to the sensation both physically & mentally.
  • Single & ready to mingle? Being with a new partner can be accompanied with performance anxiety, and if condoms are a part of your self pleasure routine (even occasionally) this can help eliminate them being a trigger. Additionally have a variety of condoms on hand including non latex, as some women have a serious latex allergy. Your familiarity with different options and sensations will be a great bonus to your partner(s).
  • STI prevention. Condom use is essential in helping with prevention but its not foolproof. For even more comprehensive STI prevention, condoms can also be used during oral sex. Suggestion since they don’t typically taste very good, use non lubricated or even a flavored condom or flavored lube when using them for this form of protection.
  • ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy) – But you don’t use condoms with your primary partner? Again, if condoms are only associated with new partners, and all the natural anxiety associated with learning someone new, they may affect your performance. If you feel your performance is compromised by condoms, start using them with your primary partner from time-to-time, minimally until they are a natural part of play. Keep your confidence high and a bonus for her… she gets a night off having to race to clean up after sex;)



Best Custom Fit Condom / Our Favourite ❤️

Size Chart Sample

Click link to find your Custom Size: With MY SIZE Custom Condoms Measurement Guide.

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Click this link to buy MY SIZE CONDOMS on AMAZON – These condoms are comfortable and come in a variety of sizes custom fit to you. Also a great condom to use with toys.

Best Snug Fit / Extra Sensation Condom

Kimono microthin plus condoms

Kimono Microthin Plus Condoms -great heat transfer and sensation. Lubricated with Aqua Lube Water Based Lube, Latex, Natural Feeling for Women, Men & Couples. Feel Your Partner with This Thin Sensitive Condom, 24 Count

Best Standard Size Condom

Durex avanti bare real feel condoms

DUREX Avanti Bare Real Feel – latex, thinnest in the Durex product line-up. This condom is a great choice!

Best Extra Large Condom ❤️

My size condoms

MY SIZE CONDOMS on AMAZON – 64mm x10 XXL Extra Large Condoms. Comfort, no pinching and goes full length.

Favourite Condom for Oral ❤️

Durex tropical flavour latex condoms

DUREX Tropical Flavour-Latex Condoms – These condoms are a fun addition to oral sex. Tropical Colors and Flavors!

Best Non-Latex Condom ❤️

Skyn feel everything extra lubricated condom

SKYN Feel Everything Extra Lubricated – non latex, lubricated. This condom is our #1 choice anytime latex is an issue. These condoms also don’t have the scent associated with Latex condoms. Can be used with coconut oil as a lube. Come in REG & XL sizes too.

Best for Anal Condom – always use with extra lube

K-y me and you extra lubricated ultra thin latex condom

K-Y Me and You Extra Lubricated Ultra Thin Latex – Extra Water Based Lube For Comfort and Smoothness

Lynk anal lube product

Lynk Pleasure Products Anal Lube – Water Based 8 oz Sex & Intimacy Lubricant for Men, Women, and Couples

Best for Prolonging Condom

Durex performax condom

Durex Performax Intense – Prolonging for him and extra lubricated for her. This condom is great when you want the pleasure to last longer.

Best Textured Variety Pack of Condoms

Trojan pleasure pack condoms

Trojan Condom Pleasure Pack – Assortment includes Twisted Pleasure, Her Pleasure Ultra Ribbed, Intense Ribbed and Fire & Ice varieties

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