Day 19: Micro-Dosing Rybelsus and Rocking the Keto Life

Hey friends!

It’s Day 19 of my journey with micro-dosing Rybelsus, and I wanted to share some updates. Let’s start with the not-so-great stuff. I had one morning with a bit of an upset stomach (not nauseated, thankfully), which I’m pretty sure was because of some deep-fried deliciousness I had the night before. That’s the only side effect I’ve noticed, which is a relief.

My Routine and Dosage

I’m taking a 1.5 mg dose of Rybelsus every morning. Technically, it’s half of a 3 mg pill. I usually pop it around 5 a.m. when I wake up for my pre-dawn bathroom break, then crawl back into bed. This timing works perfectly for me, as it fits into my routine seamlessly. I start my day with a big glass of water and my beloved morning coffee. Oh, and I’ve switched to cashew milk in my coffee because regular milk and my tummy aren’t on speaking terms anymore, especially with this medication.

Health Background

For a bit of context, I have high blood pressure and take ramipril for that. Since starting Rybelsus, I’ve been able to cut my dose in half and my blood pressure is holding steady. Also, the weather’s been all over the place, which hasn’t helped my fibromyalgia (thanks, MTHFR gene!). I was in a flare-up before starting Rybelsus, and my inflammation was through the roof.

The Good Stuff: Weight Loss and More

Despite the flare-up and this typically being the time of year I gain weight, I’ve managed to lose 11 pounds in 19 days! Yay me! I’m sticking to a pretty strict keto regimen – no bread, no wheat, and no milk (but cheese, yogurt, and sour cream are still on the menu). The weight loss, reduced hot flashes, and higher energy levels are definitely thanks to keto.

Rybelsus: The Game Changer

Now, what’s Rybelsus doing for me? A lot, actually. I’m not feeling hungry, I don’t have cravings, and I feel full after just a few bites of food. This means I’m eating about five snack-sized meals a day instead of my usual two. And get this — I’m not craving sugar at all!

Conclusion and Goals

So, here’s where I’m at: I’m going to stick with the 1.5 mg dose and continue with keto. My goal for June is to lose at least another 10 pounds. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. Honestly, I feel like Rybelsus is a fantastic support system, helping me feel full quickly and stay full longer. The keto diet is driving the weight loss, but I’m convinced Rybelsus is a huge part of my success too.

If I were eating my old favorites — burgers, fries, sandwiches, pasta, I doubt I’d see the same results. Even on higher-calorie keto days, I’ve noticed I don’t lose weight as quickly.

Stay tuned for more updates and wish me luck as I chase down my goals!

Cheers to health and happiness,