AskBigSister is a Womens Sexual Health Website that explores about both medical & alternative approaches to the struggles all women face. Hormones, Perimenopause & Menopause, Sexual Health, Low Libido and our Relationships while dealing with these issues. This site is unique as it focuses on both sides of the story, instead of catering to a particular methodology. The advice is all from actual experiences faced by women just like you, not from text book knowledge.

AskBigSister is committed to sharing a variety of solutions and strategies, so that women get a broader perspective and can make choices that fit their personal situation, budget & lifestyle. From vaginal dryness to hot-flashes we tackle subjects many find embarrassing to discuss openly.

Why “Ask Big Sister” came to be…

Lucky enough to be raised in a body positive family with 5 sisters, no topic was discouraged. From periods to menopause everything has been openly discussed. The information here is based on real life experiences, combined with research, and candid conversations. I try to balance each topic with scientific findings, but it isn’t always available for the natural alternatives. Some tips and tricks come from what has worked for decades and others through trial and error.

With 20 years in the service industry chatting with women all day long. I’ve heard just about everything! I have been through all the stages of life I talk about personally, puberty to menopause. This is an interactive site, each topic discusses multiple approaches as each woman is different and we respond uniquely.

My hope is to inspire women to be more informed, communicate openly about their sexual health, and make the products discussed accessible. Collectively we can learn tips that positively impact our sexual health and personal relationships. Suggestions & questions are actively encouraged and you are welcome to participate in the online community on Facebook called Hot Flashes to Menopause. The ultimate goal is that women will use it as a resource, to ask questions or to share experiences. Ask the Sisterhood community of women, read about various options on this website, and be a part of this unique space of shared knowledge and experience.

Use Your Common Sense…

Use your own common sense! All suggestions on AskBigSister.com are for information purposes only, and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare provider. There is no one-size-fits-all! If even one idea resonates and helps someone out, I consider that a success! If the information you learn here opens dialogue with your healthcare provider even better! If you like what you read please feel free to follow me on Instagram, or Facebook…and share share share! Happy reading

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