When it comes to a Woman’s Sexual & Vaginal Health everything is connected: Your Pelvic Floor, Vagina, Bladder, even diet. One element is out of alignment can effect all the others. You will notice an overlap in suggestions and resources with all of these topics. For example a Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to Mental Health, Auto-Immune Disorders, Hormone Balance and your overall health. Likewise, you will see a correlation with Menopause Symptoms and problems with your Thyroid or Adrenals. The good news is when you tackle one issue with the proper solutions it can have a ripple effect of healing other parts of your body as well. At ASKBIGSISTER we endeavor to provide as many options as possible for your unique situation.

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Read how your Hormones play a role in your sexual health. See pages on Menopause, Perimenopause, Thyroid & Adrenal Health